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Inventory Reports

Trust Inventory Exeter creates accurate and impartial inventory reports that comply with industry standards. Our electronic reports are clear and easy to understand, giving you all the information you need to reduce the risk of tenancy disputes and build trust between landlord and tenant.

How We Do It

Our inventory clerks will use the latest technology to record the conditions of the property, we take several photographs and you will get the report in your email soon as we step out of the property.

Time Is Money

We offer same day delivery, highlighting potential maintenance issues before the tenant moves in. We will mark keys in case copies need to be cut, through our app the Check-In report is just a click away, the move-in goes smoothly, saving time for the agent and the tenant.

Protect Your Investment

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme recommend using independent inventory clerks that will take several relevant photographs not only general room images, we take several photographs clearly showing where the issue is.

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Attention To Detail





Hours Turnaround


Get Your Reports on the Go

Information at your Fingertips

Your reports come straight to your email – ready to read on tablet, mobile or computer.

Check and Take Action

View your inventory report and instruct your team on the next step, wherever you are.

Access 24/7

Our cloud based archive means you stay in control, with access to inspections 24/7.