Inventory Check Out

Check Out Reports

Check Out reports are vital when tenants move out. Check Out reports are important for the Tenants to get back their deposit and at the same time, it is important for the Landlord to make sure they can apply a charge if it is needed. 

How We Do It

We conduct the check-out based on our own or the client’s check-in, we will compile an impartial report taking meter readings and making notes on any changes caused to the property and fixtures, appliances.

What Is Important

It’s important to have a good Inventory check-in to start with. At Trust Inventory Exeter our inventory clerks will use other companies or Landlords report, but items that are not mentioned in the Check-in report will not be inspected at the Check-Out.

Protect Your Investment

Our detailed reports can help ensure the other party doesn’t take a dispute to the arbitrator because our evidence is conclusive, or if they do, our evidence is of the right quality to support the case.

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Attention To Detail





Hours Turnaround


Get Your Reports on the Go

Information at your Fingertips

Your reports come straight to your email – ready to read on tablet, mobile or computer.

Check and Take Action

View your inventory report and instruct your team on the next step, wherever you are.

Access 24/7

Our cloud based archive means you stay in control, with access to inspections 24/7.