Inventory Check-In

Why Check In

No matter how well a tenant looks after their property, it will not be in the same condition at the end of the tenancy as it was at its start. Wear and tear to carpets, walls, flooring, and other fixtures fittings and decorations will occur. Even well looked after contents will deteriorate with time and use. 

How We Do It

At Trust Inventory Exeter we always conduct the Check-In Inspection in person with the Tenant at the Property. We take the tenant through the inventory, apply changes and take comments on the site, in the separate distinct column dedicated to the tenant. 


As we complete the Check-in Inspection, the tenant will sign the report in our app, then it will be closed and all parties involved will be automatically notified by email, the report will be ready to be printed and filed. No need to wait for days to get the tenant’s comments.

The Check In Deal

When booked together, the Inventory Make and the Check In Inventory, we can give our clients a discounted price, most of our clients take advantage of this offer, please get in touch to see how we could help your organisation with better inventory reports. 

Check-In Sample

Attention To Detail





Hours Turnaround


Get Your Reports on the Go

Information at your Fingertips

Your reports come straight to your email – ready to read on tablet, mobile or computer.

Check and Take Action

View your inventory report and instruct your team on the next step, wherever you are.

Access 24/7

Our cloud based archive means you stay in control, with access to inspections 24/7.