Our Company

Consistency and Quality

Local Expertise

All our Local Inventory Clerks are trained to the highest standard and know the area well, ensuring they will understand your needs.

Cutting Edge

By harnessing the latest technology available, we aim to give you the best experience and help you stay in control.

Calm in a Crisis

Every problem, large or small, is handled with the same calm professionalism, ensuring your property is in safe hands.

Customer Care

We pride ourselves on a professional service and that means we’ll be on time, deliver accurate reports within 48 hours.

Our Story

Trust Inventory Exeter was founded in 2014 and our team has over 12 years’ experience in the property market. We have an in-depth knowledge of the sector, as estate agents, and understand the challenges faced by lettings agents and landlords. Trust Inventory was started to provide landlords, tenants and agents with someone they can turn to for an honest, impartial assessment of their property to help every tenancy go smoothly.

As APIP and AIIC members, we have a growing list of satisfied clients in Devon, Exeter who benefit from our fast, professional property management services.

Cornelia Tiplea

Cornelia Tiplea


Cornelia’s passion for the property market means she has been involved in major retail development projects, as well as a range of successful businesses. She started Trust Inventory in order to deliver high quality and trustworthy services to landlords, agents and tenants. Cornelia’s focus on customer service is at the heart of the business, ensuring more and more people are turning to Trust Inventory to look after their property management services.

Sebastian Tiplea

Sebastian Tiplea


Sebastian has extensive experience in sales and marketing, with a wealth of knowledge in harnessing technology and the internet for business development. He is responsible for the smooth running of the Trust Inventory website and software, making sure you get a fast, secure and consistent customer experience, every time.